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Temporary Storage - Renting a Locker

May 22, 1999

In preparing to move to a new house with a smaller closet, I decided to put my wine into a storage facility - at least on a temporary basis - while I considered buying a Vinotemp or similar temperature-controlled unit to keep at home. Here are some photos of packing and moving ~360 bottles of wine into the Wine Cellar Club in Irvine, CA.

Many thanks to my friend Michael Poston for all of his time, hard work, and trucking that day. To celebrate a job well done, we sat around inside the storage facility, drinking wine until we had frostbite.

Preparing to move -
Well, I guess there won't be any more photo opps like this one.

Toughest part is repacking all that wine

About half-way through -
a partially emptied closet
A shot down one of the storage aisle - looks like a shot of me at the City Pound.)

Left: the recurring thought while loading the locker, "...I'd hate to have to access this box!"
Above: Attractive inside "front lobby" of the Wine Cellar Club.
Right: Here's the lower berth all filled up

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