...from the debut vintage in '83 through 1990, the Dominus label featured different sketches each year of owner Christian Moueix.

1983 Wine Label: Sam Szafran is a French artist, born in Paris in 1934. Mr. Szafran is well known for his work with pastels. The portrait was done in pencil.

1984 Wine Label: Larry Rivers began his career as a jazz musician. His work is seen as crucial to the transition from abstract Expressionism to Pop Art and beyond.

1985 Wine Label: Gerard Barthelemy is a French artist, born in Paris in 1938. The portrait was done with an ancient walnut stain technique.

1986 Wine Label: Jim Dine was born in 1935. He has had numerous one-man-shows throughout the United States and Europe.

1987 Wine Label: Avigdor Arikha was born in 1929 in Israel. His work is represented in numerous private and public collections.

1988 Wine Label: Peter Blake is an English artist, born in 1932. Famous as a leader of Pop Art in Europe, his works are displayed in major museums throughout the world.

1989 Wine Label: Raymond Mason is an English artist, born in 1922. Primarily a sculptor, he is also known for his watercolors of vineyard landscapes.

1990 Wine Label: Wayne Thiebaud is an American artist, born in 1920. Considered to be one of the most accomplished realist working today.


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