Wineries and Vineyards of France
Champagne Philipponnat - France
While the Philipponnat family history in the region dates back to 1522, the more recent history began when Auguste and Pierre Philipponnat settled in the Mareuil-sur-Aÿ region of Champagne in 1910. Then, when Pierre acquired the steep Clos des Goisses vineyard on the southern flank of the Gruguet hill in 1935, created a single-vineyard wine (a monopole) from a rather remarkable site that overlooks the Marne River. Charles Philipponnat, grandson of Auguste, is now President of the Maison and has overseen the creation of new wine making facilities and barrel storage. Filmed Sept '07.
Champagne Taittinger - France
The roots of Taittinger date back to 1734, when Champagne merchant Jacques Fourneaux established his company. The business prospered and ultimately merged with the Taittinger family. Join us as we accompany Cellarmaster Loic Dupont through the famous Taittinger cellars, located in Reims on the site of Gallo-Roman chalk mines dug during the 4th century, and enlarged in the 13th century by the Saint Nicaise Abbey monks. Remains of the Abbey, which was destroyed during the French Revolution, are still visible today throughout the tunnels. Filmed Sept '07.

Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour - Tasting the Top-Rated 2005 Vintage
The highly touted 2005 Bordeaux vintage was reason enough to attend the Grand Cru de Bordeaux tasting in Santa Monica. With nearly 80 Châteaux in attendance, the event promised to be an extraordinary one.
Join us as we discuss this fabulous vintage with representatives from several Châteaux, as well as a couple of sommeliers and retailers to see and taste if 2005 is everything it’s cracked up to be.
Filmed March '08.

Wineries and Vineyards of the Northwest
The Wines of Cayuse - Washington
Some might say Christophe Baron had rocks in his head to plant Syrah in 1997 in Washington’s Walla Walla Valley. But actually, it is the vineyards of Cayuse that are loaded with rocks. The weather is a tough variable here in Southeastern Washington. To keep the vines from freezing during the harsh winter, Christophe must bury the vines with rocks and dirt. And, since grafting is a problem because of the cold winters, all of his vines are all on their own rootstalks. Join us as we listen to this fascinating vigneron, on making great wines from the Walla Walla Valley. Filmed Aug '07.

Vintage Walla Walla - Washington
Located in a primary agriculture-producing regions of Washington State, Walla Walla Valley lies in the southeastern part of the state on the edge of the Columbia and Snake River basins. The most important commercial crops have been wheat and sweet onions, but the region is fast becoming known for its distinctive wines. In 1984, the region was federally recognized as an AVA. Home to just four wineries and 60 acres of vineyards at the time, today there are more than 100 wineries and more than 1,500 acres of vineyards. Join us as we explore Part 1 of Vintage Walla Walla, the regional food and wine festival that showcases the vineyards and wineries of the Walla Walla Valley.

Vintage Walla Walla - Washington
We continue with our visit to Vintage Walla Walla, this time getting down to the real nitty gritty - soil, that is. We get a first-hand history lesson and a look at the different soil types in Walla Walla Valley with Dr. Kevin Pogue, a Professor of Geology at Whitman College. Much of the soil in the Walla Walla Valley is a blown-in almost talcum-like mixture called loess. This, mixed with granite, basalt, and cobbles from the Blue Mountains make for a unique terroir.
Vintage Walla Walla - Washington
Part 3 of our visit to Vintage Walla Walla continues with visits to a few winemaking folks where we participate in a blending trial with Woodward Canyon’s Rick Small. Of course, some winery visits were an absolute must (no pun intended), so we paid a visit to Pepper Bridge and Basel Cellars, followed by a terrific wine tasting.
"K" Vintners - Washington
With wild Adrian Duritz-like hair, Charles Smith looks more the rock star than winemaker. But, while he did once manage rock bands, winemaking is where is heart and mind are now. Located near the Blue Mountains in Walla Walla, Washington, K Vintners began business in 2001. Owner and winemaker Charles Smith has some great packaging which gives the “K” wines a unique look, and he is making a name for himself in Washington Syrah, and (gasp) Riesling. Join us as we walk some vineyards, drink some wine and hear from Charles about what he feels is important in life and wine.

Shea Vineyards - Oregon
Oregon is rightfully known as Pinot Noir country, and one of the better-known purveyors of this grape is the 200-acre vineyard planted by Dick and Deirdre Shea in 1989. Shea Vineyards lies in the heart of Oregon’s Yamhill-Carlton District. The Willakenzie soils in this part of the state make it an ideal site for some world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Finally, after yielding fruit to some of the West’s best known wineries, Dick and Deirdre founded Shea Wine Cellars in 1996, in order to produce their own wines from Estate fruit. Join us as we talk with with Dick Shea about his eponymous Oregon vineyard. Filmed June '07.

Winter Wine Festival & Auction - Naples, Florida
2008 Naples Winter Wine Festival - Part 1
The 2008 Naples Winter Wine Festival raised $14 million for children’s charities. Saturday kicked off with a wine tasting and culinary feast, and the 635 attendees at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida, wasted no time at all bidding on 72 one-of-a-kind, unique and luxury auction lots, with winning bids ranging from $45,000 to $1 million. Join us for Part 1 of our coverage, as we hear from organizers, attendees and vintners like Doug Shafer, and Vega Sicilia’s Pablo Alvarez about why this event is so successful, and its charitable causes so important. Filmed Jan '08.

2008 Naples Winter Wine Festival - Part 2
The 2008 Naples Winter Wine Festival raised $14 million for children’s charities.
Part 2 of our coverage of the 2008 Naples Winter Wine Festival continues with more conversation from attendees, vintners, and organizers, and we’ll follow the Chapoutier lot bidding and hear from auctioneers Ann Colgin and Humphrey Butler. One of a kind lots include a 12L bottle of SQN Inaugral.
Filmed Jan '08.

2008 Naples Winter Wine Festival - Part 3
The 2008 Naples Winter Wine Festival raised $14 million for children’s charities.
Part 3 of our coverage of the 2008 Naples Winter Wine Festival continues with more conversation from attendees, vintners, organizers, and some successful bidders. We’ll also follow Shari & Garen Staglin’s amazing $1 million lot, consisting of tickets to the Academy Awards, a walk-on TV role, dinners, tours, private jet to Cabo, and more - and, of course 3-6L of wine. Filmed Jan '08.
Napa Valley / Sonoma County
Dec '07
Stewards of The Land - Russian River Valley
After many years of agricultural crops in the Russian River Valley, the 1960s witnessed pioneers like Charles Bacigalupi and Joe Rochioli planting wine grape varietals like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This James Beard winning film on the Russian River Valley includes interviews with Joe Rochioli, Howie Allen, Burt Williams, John Haeger, James Laube, and many more. Join us for a close-up of the area's history, its agriculture, its foods, and most importantly, its people.
2007 Auction Napa Valley - Preview
This years Auction Napa Valley was an exciting 4 day event that raised an amazing $9.8 million dollars for local charities. Your GrapeRadio crew was there to cover the whole event. Here is a brief preview of what is coming your way in the very near future. Filmed June '07.
2007 Auction Napa Valley - Part 1
As if the live auction itself were not enough, there are literally dozens of hospitality events held at numerous wineries and vineyards - all leading up to the main event. Join us as we stop by several lunches, receptions, dinners, and open houses to talk with attendees, owners and winemakers - inluding John Komes (Flora Springs), Chris Deardon (Benessere), Robin Lail (Lail Vineyards), Jennifer Staggs (Departures Magazine), and baseball’s Rusty Staub. Filmed June '07.
2007 Auction Napa Valley - Part 2
Taste Napa Valley festival is a real show-stopper. Combining a smorgasbord of edible options, and nearly as many wine options all served in a park-like setting - well, it’s just about all you could want out of life. Join us as we talk with winemaker John Kongsgaard, uber-Chef Thomas Keller (French Laundry) as he serves his gazpacho “snow cones,” and watch as Tra Vigne chef Nash Cognetti whips up his asparagus and ricotta ravioli. We are also joined by Karen MacNeil, and a host of other luminaries and attendees to talk about this fabulous feast for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Filmed June '07.
2007 Auction Napa Valley - Part 3
What happens when you have comedian Dana Carvey open the 2007 Auction Napa Valley? Well, anything goes. It was without a doubt a hilarious opening to the twenty-seventh annual Auction Napa Valley, perhaps the best wine auction of its kind - anywhere. Raising over $9.8 million from 45 live, 106 barrel, and 81 e-auction lots is no small feat. It takes skill, organization, and commitment. Join us as we talk with Bill Phelps (Joseph Phelps), Peter McCrea (Stony Hill), Michael Chiarello (TV’s Napa Style), uber-bidder Joy Croft, and a host of other luminaries during this first of two video podcasts, as we really get into what’s behind (and what’s in front of) the fabulous Auction Napa Valley. Filmed June '07.
2007 Auction Napa Valley - Part 4
Dana Carvey is still up to his old tricks on stage. Then we talk with Charles Banks (co-owner Screaming Eagle), as well as a few of the Meadowood staff, and continuing to find politicians in our midst, we speak with Congressman Mike Thompson. We were also very fortunate to spend some quality time getting to know one of the primary beneficiaries of the Auction Napa Valley. Join us as we pay a visit to Clinic Ole in downtown Napa to talk with clinic staff and patients, and find out how much they benefit from this fabulous annual event. Filmed June '07.
Schramsberg Vineyards - Napa Valley
The origins of Schramsberg Vineyards began in 1862, when immigrant Jacob Schram bought some acreage on a hillside in Napa Valley. By the 1880s, Jacob was making 12,000 cases of award winning wines. His death in 1905 and prohibition resulted in a series of sales over the next 50 years, until finally the property was bought by Jack and Jamie Davies in 1965. Join us as we follow winemaker Craig Roemer through caves filled with bottles of sparkling wines, and see how riddling is done. Then, it’s on the watch the disgorgement on the bottling line and finally a sabering of the bottle. Filmed June '07.

Digging Caves in Napa - Part 1
You don’t have to be a bat to really dig caves. Join us for a two-part adventure, as we get to hang out with cave specialists Dave Provost and Brian Simmons from Bacchus Caves, a company that specializes in digging wine caves. In Part 1, we visit a huge cave site (22,000 sq.ft.) that was under construction for the Meritage Resort, just south of the city of Napa. You’ll get a sense of what’s involved in the design and construction of caves, and find out that there is a whole lot more to it than just playing in the dirt and blowing things up - not that there’s anything wrong with that! Filmed Aug '06.

Digging Caves in Napa - Part 2
Now that you have heard what goes into digging into the side of hill to construct a wine cave, join us for Part 2, as Dave Provost and Brian Simmons from Bacchus Caves take us to visit one of their completed projects, and talk with owner Vito Bialla of Bialla Vineyards. Although most wine caves are somewhat utilitarian, the Bialla Vineyards cave has the look, feel and comfort of a living space - yet still has plenty of room for barrel storage and a wine cellar. Filmed Aug '06.

Staglin Family Vineyards
Staglin Family Vineyard began in 1985, when Garen and Shari Staglin purchased a 62-acre Rutherford Bench property with a 50-acre producing vineyard from Walter Sullivan and his wife Dagmar dePins, Georges de La Tour’s granddaughter. Originally planted under the guidance of the legendary André Tchelistcheff in 1965 (for BV Georges de La Tour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon). Join us for our James Beard-nominated video visit with Garen and Shari Staglin, and winemaker, Luc Morlet. Filmed Aug '06.

Del Dotto Cave Tour
There are cave tours, but then there are CAVE TOURS! Join us as we follow Dave Del Dotto through his nearly 150 year-old candle-lit cave. Along the way, Dave discusses everything from ancient wine history, religion and wine, fermenting in a clay vessel, how wines affect your body, the effects of sulfites in wine, wine as a natural anti-biotic and disinfectant, to how Cabernet Franc is the real Cabernet. And what about oak as a spice rack, its toast levels, selecting bottling by barrel type? Of course, along the way we have to stop and barrel sample many wines…no, make that many, many wines! Filmed Aug '06.

2006 Auction Napa Valley
The Live Auction - Without a doubt, the live auction portion of the Auction Napa Valley is the “Main Event.” Held at the Meadowood Napa Valley Resort, the auction is a spectacle to behold.   Incredible auction lots, huge arrays of food and wine, and plenty of excitement, both during and after the auction - which is when the partying acually begins. Join us as we speak to Warren Winiarski, Ann Colgin, mc/host Ryan Seacreast, auctioneer Ursula Hermacinski, and Joy Craft - the winning bidder of the first lot to exceed $1,000,000. Filmed June '06.

Mid-Atlantic Wineries and Vineyards
Chaddsford Winery - Pennsylvania
Housed in a 200 yr-old former dairy barn, Eric Miller’s Chaddsford Winery was part of the original William Penn Estate. The winery has been around for 25 years, and though it started small, it now produces about 30,000 cases annually — all of it sold locally, and mostly out of the tasting room! Price points range from $12-40. Most of the wines are bottled as varietals: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, and Merlot - mostly from Estate or local vineyards, though the ‘05 Pinot Grigio was 70% outsourced from New York. Filmed March '07.
Allegro Vineyards - Pennsylvania
Located in Brogue, PA., Allegro Winery has the ironic distinction of being located in a dry county (athough Allegro was grandfathered in, the apparent purpose of the county fathers was to keep other wineries from locating there). Originally started in 1978 by John and Tim Crouch, a winery was built in 1980, and a tasting room in 1981. Join us as we talk with current owner/winemaker Carl Helrich about his old vine Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, planted in 1973, and the challenges of growing wine in humid conditions. Filmed March '07.

Boordy Vineyards - Maryland
Located in Hydes, Maryland, Boordy Vineyards was founded by Philip and Jocelyn Wagner, who established Maryland’s first commercial winery in 1945. Boordy is probably best known for introducing new varieties of French hybrid grapevines throughout the United States in the 1930s. Since 1980, Boordy has been owned by the R.B. Deford family, and is located on their historic 240-acre farm in the Long Green Valley of northeastern Baltimore County. Join us as we talk with Rob Deford, and get a glimpse into the history of winemaking in the area. Filmed March '07.

Linden Vineyards - Virginia
The one constant we heard during our East Coast winery visits was: see Jim Law at Linden Vineyards. And, without a doubt, we found Jim to be one of the most talented, dedicated and knowledgeable individuals we’ve met - anywhere! Purchasing an abandoned farm in 1983, Jim began planting vines from cuttings and grafts in 1985. Varieties included Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Vidal and Seyval. Join us as we talk with Jim Law, and take a fascinating look at East Coast viticulture - Virginia style! Filmed March '07.
Barboursville Vineyards - Virginia
Owned since 1976 by the Zonin family of Italy, the historic Barboursville estate is named after the town, which in turn is named for James Barbour, a former governor and senator from Virginia in the early 1800s. Barbour’s old estate house (which burned in a fire in 1884), was designed by Thomas Jefferson. The Zonins ushered in the first successful vitis vinifera plantings in the state (Jefferson gave it more than a few tries, but wasn’t successful). Join us as we talk with Luca Paschina, General Manager and winemaker for the past 17 years. Filmed March '07.
The Winery at LaGrange - Virginia
Located just outside of Haymarket, Virginia, the Winery at LaGrange is named for its three and a half story La Grange manor house which was built in the 1790’s, although the winery itself was started in 2006. Situated about an hour from Washington DC, they get plenty of visitors, and if the crowd during our visit was any indication, the Winery at LaGrange will become another thriving East Coast winery.
Join us as we talk with with general manager Fletcher Henderson, and winemaker Rob Cox about this exciting new project. Filmed March '07.

Press Conference - Washington DC
We visit DC for a news conference on the global cooperation to protect the names of wine origins. Thirteen representatives from many of the world’s most prominent wine regions came together to declare their agreement to the principle of protecting the name and place of origin of wines on the wine labels. Join us as we talk with vintners from Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Jerez, Champagne, Chianti Classico, Western Australia, Walla Walla, Paso Robles, and many others who agreed to support The Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place and Origin. Filmed March '07.

Central Coast Events
  World of Pinot Noir
2008 World of Pinot Noir - Part 1
The first weekend in March signals the World of Pinot Noir. Held in Shell Beach, CA, on Bluffs overloking the Pacific Ocean, it's an event not to be missed. Join us for Part 1, as we talk with wine columnist Laurie Daniel, local producers as well as vintners from around the world (how about Pinot from Switzerland and New Zealand). We’ll hear from attendees and presenters about what makes this event special, and we even check in on a Riedel seminar led by Georg Riedel to see how the shape of stemware can make Pinot smell and taste different. Filmed March '08.
2008 World of Pinot Noir - Part 2
Part 2 of our coverage of the 2008 World of Pinot Noir. Join us as we hear more from wine columnist Laurie Daniel, and we’ll check in with the Iron Sommelier Challenge - where sommeliers compare food and wine matches. In addition, we’ll spend some time with Burgundian producer Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier and the Burghound Allen Meadows, plus visit with Central Coast producers Lane Tanner and James Ontiveros, and still more Pinot producers from around the world (how about Pinot from Tazmania and British Columbia). Filmed March '08.
2007 World of Pinot Noir - Part 1
Each Spring, the World of Pinot Noir seems to hit the ground running. Join us as we give you an overview of this terrific celebration of all things Pinot Noir - from wine seminars and wine tastings, to attendee impressions and sampling some awesome cheeses - the World of Pinot Noir is a sight to behold. You’ll hear why attending an event such as this isn’t only about having fun - it should be considered a vital part of your wine education - well, that and having fun too! Filmed April '07.
2007 World of Pinot Noir - Part 2
The World of Pinot Noir usually includes a local vineyard visit. Join us as we drop by Laetitia Vineyards in Arroyo Grande. Formerly the sparkling wine scion of the French Maison Deutz, this winery now makes both still and sparkling wines. Then finally, in 1998 Laetitia Winery was acquired along with Barnwood Winery by Selim Zilkha. Fast forward to today, and Laetitia Vineyard and Winery has 620 acres currently planted to grape vines, and produce both sparkling and still wines - in fact, they have a separate winemaker for each program (though they are father and son). Filmed April '07.
  Hospice du Rhone

2007 Hospice du Rhone - Part 1
The annual Hospice du Rhone is held each year in Paso Robles, CA. The first event, the Syrah Shootout involves a head-to-head competition, with winemakers and producers participating in a blind tasting to select the best three Syrahs in the lineup. Over 50 bottles of various Syrahs are bagged, numbered and set out at 6-7 different tasting stations. The prize - bragging rights until next year’s event, along with a plaid (some might say gauche) sportcoat, and a pseudo-trophy in the form of a small wooden barrel with a plaque. Filmed May '07.

2007 Hospice du Rhone - Part 2
Imagine two wine seminars before Noon, followed by a gourmet lunch, then followed with a Library/Barrel tasting. And this is just Day 1 of the Hospice du Rhone! Check out the video to see what this event is all about. Filmed May '07.

2007 Hospice du Rhone - Part 3
Day 2 of the 2007 Hospice du Rhone presents two more wine seminars, followed by a great lunch and a live auction. Then, we move on to four hours of wine at the Grand Tasting, which is finally followed by a sumptuous BBQ, entertainment and bull riding. Check out the video — camaraderie and wine is really what the Hospice du Rhone is all about. Filmed May '07.

Special Tastings
2008 Vintus Portfolio Tour - Los Angeles
We’re always looking for opportunities to talk with international producers, so a recent portfolio tasting from Vintus Wines offered us an excellent chance to do a little globe-trotting without actually straying very far from home. Founded by former Kobrand executive Michael Quinttus, Vintus has put together a fairly diverse list of estate-based producers from France, Italy, Spain, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, and Portugal. Filmed Spring '08.
2008 Fontanafreda Barolo - Los Angeles
One of the oldest producers in Barolo, the Fontanafredda estate is a major player in Piedmont with a solid repertoire in Barolo, Barbera d’Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba and other Piedmontese DOCs. Join us as Danilo Drocco (winemaker since 1999) leads us through an amazing vertical tasting, while describing the soils, the winegrowing, and his own traditional winemaking processes and how they meld with the more modern methods introduced by Piero Antinori. Filmed Spring '08.

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